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Archbishop Kaziimba Urges Parents & Educators to Equip Children Against Social Media Peer Pressure

KABALE: The Most Rev Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu, the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, has issued a heartfelt plea to parents and educators, urging them to equip children with the skills to navigate peer pressure, particularly in the realm of social media.

The Archbishop’s message was conveyed through a speech delivered by the Bishop of North Kigezi Diocese, Rt. Rev. Onesimus Asiimwe, at the centenary celebrations for Kigezi High School and Kigezi Primary School in Kabale District.

The event, which drew distinguished guests, had a primary objective of raising Shs4 Billion for the construction of a versatile Centenary building. This facility is set to house essential amenities such as a computer laboratory, an innovation center, a hall of honor, and administrative offices. The celebratory function took place at the Kigezi High School Primary playground in the northern division of Kabale municipality yesterday.

Archbishop Kaziimba underscored the pivotal role parents and teachers play in educating children about handling peer pressure, with a specific focus on the challenges posed by social media. Expressing concern over the significant amount of time youths spend on social platforms, he decried the exposure to explicit content, condemning such activities.

Bishop Onesimus, an alumnus of Kigezi High School, encouraged attendees to cultivate an attitude of gratitude towards God for the blessings they receive. He emphasized the importance of acknowledging these blessings rather than merely offering prayers.

Bishop Onesimus stressed the need for individuals to turn to God through prayer and worship during challenging times, expressing confidence in God’s ability to help overcome obstacles. He extended appreciation to the teachers and administrators for upholding the academic standards of the school, urging them to persevere in their commitment.

The Vice President of Uganda, Her Excellency Rtd Maj Jessica Alupo, who represented President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as the chief guest, highlighted the imperative for institutions to focus on teaching vocational studies and science subjects.

Recognizing the scarcity of white-collar jobs in the country, she called upon educational institutions to incorporate practical skills into their curriculum. The aim is to produce graduates who are not only academically proficient but also well-prepared for the job market.

Domestic Dispute Claims Life of 2-Year-Old, Parents Arrested in Kabale

KABALE: Police in Kabale District are currently investigating the cause of a domestic dispute in Rwamacumo cell, Kamuganguzi sub-county, which tragically led to the untimely demise of a 2-year-old boy.

The young victim, identified as Jordan Akanyjjuka, became entangled in the crossfire of a heated altercation between his parents, Eriakim Nayamba (27) and Betasi Ainembabazi (23), both residents of the same area.

Elly Maate, the spokesperson for the Kigezi region police, confirmed the unfortunate incident and informed our reporter that both suspects, Nayamba and Ainembabazi, have been apprehended to assist in the ongoing investigations.

According to Maate, the incident occurred on the 30th of September 2023, at approximately 7:00 AM, within the confines of their residence in Rwamacumu village, Kasheregyenyi parish, Kamuganguzi Sub-County, Kabale District.

An altercation escalated between Nayamba and Ainembabazi, leading to a physical confrontation. Tragically, during the course of their fight, they inadvertently tumbled onto their young son, Jordan, who was lying on a sofa set, resulting in fatal injuries.

Maate stressed that the crime scene underwent thorough examination by Deputy Inspector of Police (D/IP) Magara Richard, the Deputy Divisional Criminal Investigations Department Officer (D/CID/O), and their team.

The lifeless body of the deceased was recovered and subsequently transported to Kabale Referral Hospital for a comprehensive postmortem examination. The police are diligently working on uncovering the circumstances surrounding this heartbreaking incident.