Bishop Akanjuna Confirms 103 into Anglican Faith

RUBANDA: The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, the Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna has today confirmed 103 Confirmants into the Anglican Faith during a service at Butare Church of Uganda Parish in Butare-Katojo Town Council in the scenic Rubanda district.

During his sermon, Bishop Akanjuna passionately exhorted Christians to forge an unwavering connection with God, emphasizing that irrespective of the challenges encountered on life’s journey, the unshakeable love of God remains a constant source of strength. He lauded the dedication of the Christian community to the teachings of the Word of God and implored them to steadfastly adhere to the principles and guidelines laid out by the Church for the attainment of prosperity.

Bishop Akanjuna characterized the confirmants’ initiation into a new phase of their spiritual journey as a daily expedition, marked by distinct norms that every Christian must embrace to draw closer to God.

Urging the newly confirmed to regularly engage with the Word of God, Bishop Akanjuna underscored the importance of daily prayer, emphasizing the values of love, service, and respect towards God, parents, and neighbors.

Switching his focus to the broader community, Bishop Akanjuna commissioned the inauguration of a new building for Butare Health Center 11. In a call to action, he appealed to Christians to rally behind and support this vital healthcare facility, stressing the significance of community involvement and backing local institutions.

The Bishop’s plea resonated with a profound understanding of the symbiotic relationship between faith and community welfare, highlighting the interconnectedness of spiritual and societal responsibilities.

Culminating his message, Bishop Akanjuna’s resonant voice echoed, emphasizing the pivotal role of Christians in shaping both their spiritual and communal landscapes, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those present.