Five Held for Alleged Animal Cruelty in Rukiga

RUKIGA: Police in Rukiga District have apprehended five individuals accused of harming animals in Nyakitabire cell, Kamwezi Sub-county.

The suspects, whose identities remain undisclosed for investigative purposes, allegedly work for Mary Kibahigire, implicated in land grabbing and employing armed Congolese nationals, contributing to local insecurity.

Residents in Nyakitabire cell, Kamwezi Sub-county, accuse Kibahigire of endorsing land eviction, burning, and failing to control her dogs, resulting in attacks on domestic animals.

During a recent reconciliation meeting, Nayebare Fred Kyamuzigita, the Resident District Commissioner, directed Kibahigire to validate her employees with district security, cautioning of potential arrests if not adhered to.

The suspects are presently held at Rukiga Central Police Station pending investigations since the incident occurred yesterday around 2:00 PM, as stated by Elly Maate, the Kigezi Region Police Spokesperson.

Basheija Agastus, a 25-year-old herdsman, reported the incident while tending to cattle.

He witnessed Kibahigire’s workers, armed with pangas and dogs, injuring two cows.

Perceiving danger, the herdsman and a colleague fled.

Although he couldn’t identify the suspects, prompt police response led to the arrest of four individuals after visiting and processing the scene.