Bishop Akanjuna Urges Newly Confirmed Confirmants to Dedicate Life to Christ for Eternal Salvation

KABALE: Yesterday 3rd October 2023, the Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Rt. Rev. Gaddie Akanjuna confirmed 28 confirmants into Anglican faith with a call on them to dedicate their lives to Christ for an eternal journey.

Bishop Akanjuna made the call during a confirmation service at Excel High School in the Northern Division of Kabale municipality,

Emphasizing the significance of committing one’s life to Christ, Bishop Akanjuna cautioned against the perils of living without God, labeling such a life as harmful and dangerous. He passionately called upon the newly confirmed individuals to dedicate their lives to Christ, seeking eternal salvation.

Bishop Akanjuna also encouraged the freshly confirmed Christians to assume responsibility for their faith and actively engage in spreading the gospel. He highlighted confirmation as a pivotal step in their journey of belief in Christ.

Reminding the confirmants of the Holy Spirit’s importance in their lives, Bishop Akanjuna stressed that this divine gift should not be taken lightly. He urged them to embrace transformation by allowing the Holy Spirit to reshape their daily lives.

Transitioning to another perspective during the service, Rev. Agaba Roberson, the youth worker in the office of the bishop, delivered a sermon drawn from Hebrews 10:4. He reminded the confirmants that they are now considered mature and encouraged them to lead lives worthy of celebration, akin to transformers.

While advocating for self-love, Rev. Agaba cautioned the students to be mindful of their actions and warned against indiscipline as a misguided form of civilization.

Rev. Agaba also prompted the students to reflect on their backgrounds and the reasons behind their pursuit of education. He underscored the importance of education in their lives and challenged them to cultivate positive character and conduct, both within and outside the school environment.