UNRA Launches Reconstruction of Kabale-Kisoro Road

RUBANDA: The Uganda Roads Authority (UNRA) has officially initiated the construction of the Kabale–Kisoro road, which had collapsed at Hamurwa Town Council in Rubanda district.

The section of the road experienced a collapse at Bwaara village on May 4, leading to significant disruptions in traffic flow on both sides. This road serves as a crucial link connecting Uganda to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda.

In response to the road collapse, UNRA promptly rerouted traffic to alternative routes, including the 88KM Katuna-Rubaya-Muko route and the 20KM Kabale-Lake Bunyonyi-Kachwekano-Rubona-Heisesero roads. Despite UNRA’s initial statement on May 8, indicating a three-week timeline for making the damaged section motorable, the efforts proved unsuccessful, leading to prolonged inconveniences for road users.

Over the past five months, since the road was damaged by landslides in the area, it has become a hotspot for accidents, causing significant disruptions. Tragically, two individuals, including 72-year-old Mzee Twinamasiko Thomas Bukuru, lost their lives due to accidents along this troubled road.

According to Allan Sempebwa, the spokesperson for the Uganda Roads Authority, construction works are set to be completed within four months, with a projected cost of 3.7 billion shillings. He asked road users to follow warning signs and reduce speed to avoid causing accidents. The responsibility for the construction has been assigned to Creystone Investment Limited.

Certain road users, such as Michael Nuwagaba, Shallot Tukamushaba, and Joseph Byamukama, express optimism that the ongoing construction works will not only reduce the occurrence of accidents but also enhance overall transportation and accessibility. The completion of this project is eagerly anticipated by the local community and travelers alike, as it promises to restore a vital link between Uganda and its neighboring countries