Bishop Akanjuna Urges Christians To Desist From Land Grabbing

KABALE –The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna, called upon Christians to refrain from land grabbing and embrace unity.

Bishop Akanjuna made this call yesterday during the confirmation of 191 individuals in Anglican faith during the service held at St John’s Kitoma COU parish in Rukore Archdeaconry, Rubaya Subcounty in Kabale district.

Bishop Akanjuna reminded family heads and political leaders of their roles, urging them to always learn on how to safeguard their families. Citing a recent news incident where an elderly woman was evicted by individuals who considered themselves untouchable, he called on the masses to unite in the fight against such cases of land grabbing.

Bishop Akanjuna called upon political leaders and stakeholders with influence to actively combat these injustices stressing the importance of using power and authority to advocate for justice and propagate the gospel of unity.

Bishop Akanjuna called on Christians to reevaluate their actions, emphasizing the significance of repentance and turning back to God. He asserted that a collective return to moral values would pave the way for harmonious living in the country, bridging the divisions that have emerged among leaders at various levels.