Bishop Akanjuna Charges Christians to Embrace Forgiveness To Foster Unity

KABALE –The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna, has condemned the hatred infiltrating the Christian community and urged all Christians to set aside their differences, focusing on their shared faith.

Bishop Akanjuna made this call yesterday during the confirmation service that was held at St. Peter’s Muguri Church of Uganda parish, Rukore Archdeaconry in Rubaya Sub County, where 23 individuals were confirmed into the Anglican faith.

He expressed concern that Christians are allowing their differences to divide them, fostering animosity. Akanjuna reminded them that they are all part of the same family, emphasizing the importance of unity in faith. He further urged Christians to be guided by Jesus’s teachings, emphasizing his command to love one another.

Bishop Akanjuna stressed the need for Christians to be willing to forgive, show mercy, and compassion. He encouraged them to be kind and tolerant, focusing on commonalities rather than differences.

Meanwhile, Bishop Akanjuna also called upon the newly confirmed individuals to pray to God and seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance for their Christian life. He reminded them to consider the time of their confirmation as a turning point in their Christian journey.