Safe Water Initiative Launched for 14,000 Residents in Ibanda District

IBANDA (UG)-Over 14,000 residents of Irimya Parish in Kicuzi Sub County of Ibanda district will have access to safe water after the Rotary Club of Mbarara launched a Shs1.4 billion water project in the area.

The project will benefit seven villages which include; Kagyezi, Katongole, Byakazo, Rwebiyongi, Buhindagi, Kuruhisi and Rwenzigye.Launched on Thursday this week, the project is being implemented in partnership with Ibanda district and Acts Uganda. Christine Ngabirano, a member of Rotary Club of Mbarara who heads this water project said that they carried out a needs assessment and found out that residents of Irimya Parish have been using unsafe water and that about 40% of the diseases they contact have in the area are water-borne.

Don Daglous Mugyenyi, President of Rotary Club of Mbarara, said the project will be implemented in a phased manner for two years, adding that one of the areas of focus for Rotary is ensuring bringing water and sanitation services closer to the population in an effort to promote disease prevention.

Nicholus Kagurusya, the Assistant District Governor for western zone three, asked the residents to ensure safety of the water equipment and report any vandalism of pipes and taps to the authorities.