Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo Reveals President’s Plan to Fund Schools with Auctioned Cattle Money

KAMPALA (UG) –President Yoweri Museveni has suggested that money generated from auctioning impounded cattle belonging to defiant migrant cattle keepers commonly referred to as Balaalo be used for constructing schools in Northern Uganda.

Chief Justice Alfonse Chigamoy Owiny-Dollo’s letter from the President that our reporter accessed last evening indicates that some cattle keepers were already fleeing forceful eviction from the region, leaving behind their cattle.

Justice Dollo had also made the same revelation on Friday while responding to questions from journalists on the update of the eviction of the cattle keepers from the Acholi sub-region. In the letter, President Museveni admits that the Chief of Defence Forces, Gen Wilson Mbadi, had notified him of the readiness of the Fourth Infantry Division to commence the eviction of the defiant cattle keepers.

Owiny-Dollo said the President also disclosed that he would direct the army to confiscate cattle abandoned by fleeing cattle keepers so that they are auctioned, and the proceeds used for building schools in the respective areas once the Attorney General gives a nod.

President Museveni’s proposals come nearly a fortnight after the ultimatum he issued to non-compliant cattle keepers to vacate North and North-Eastern Uganda expired on November 24.Last month, State Minister for Northern Uganda Rehabilitation, Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny, revealed that about 80,000 herds of cattle in Northern Uganda belong to non-compliant migrant cattle keepers who have no adequate grazing land nor water sources.