Urgent Renovation Appeal: NTC Kabale’s Battle Against Decaying Hostel Structures

KABALE –National Teachers’ College (NTC) Kabale is struggling to raise Shs3.7 billion to renovate dilapidated hostel structures as well as staff accommodation.

The structures which were constructed in 1956 by the Ministry of Education and Sports, are still roofed using the asbestos type of iron sheets, a type that has since been stopped due to its impact on human life.In 2013, Parliament ordered a ban on the use of Asbestos as roofing materials in all schools and technical colleges. The affected hostels include Kaguta Hall, Mandela Hall and Millennium Hall.

The iron sheets also have many leakages plus the huge cracks developing on the walls of different structures which make the residences inhabitable during rainy seasons.

The institute’s Principal, Annet Komunda, is now asking for government intervention to ensure renovations on most blocks, especially to do away with the asbestos roofs.

Komunda says at least Shs600 million is required to fully renovate each hostel, adding that this will in turn increase admissions, that have been dwindling in recent times.

NTC Kabale, which started in 1984, is one of the five national Teacher Training Colleges in Uganda, and is affiliated with Kyambogo University’s Faculty of Education.