Bishop Akanjuna Urges Cultivation of Mutual Understanding in Families for Church’s Spiritual Growth

KABALE: The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, the Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna, has appealed Christians across the Diocese to foster mutual understanding within their families to nurture the spiritual growth of the church.

Bishop Akanjuna conveyed this message today during the induction service of Ven. Benon Byaruhanga as the Archdeacon of St. John’s Kamuganguzi Church of Uganda Archdeaconry in Katuna Town Council, Kabale district. Bishop Akanjuna highlighted a prevailing lack of mutual understanding in many families, creating a rift among family members that poses a significant threat to the church’s future. He also noted the alarming trend of children growing up without moral values, a factor that could jeopardize the well-being of the next generation.

Preaching during the same service, Reverend Canon Milton Nkurunungi, the Diocesan secretary reminded leaders of their inherent limitations in their respective roles and urged them to seek guidance when faced with challenges.

Challenging those with a skewed perception of leadership, Rev. Canon Nkurunungi emphasized that leadership is a divine calling meant for service rather than personal enjoyment, citing 1 Corinthians 1:26. He further underscored the transient nature of leadership, emphasizing that those called to serve must always remember the sacred purpose of their calling.

In his address, Archdeacon Benon Byaruhanga expressed profound gratitude to the Christians of Kamuganguzi and implored them for their unwavering support. He pledged to work diligently towards the development of the church, emphasizing the collective responsibility of the community in fostering a spiritually enriching environment.

Primary School Pupil Dies in Rukungiri Accident

RUKUNGIRI: Police in Rukungiri are investigating circumstances under which a 9-year-old Maria Owomuhendo, a pupil at St Andrews Primary School, lost her life in a fatal accident.

The incident occurred at Omukashanda village, Ruyonza parish, Nyarushanje sub-county in Rukungiri district.

Maria, a resident of Omukishanda village, was being transported home with two other pupils on a red Bajaj Boxer motorcycle with registration number UEB 887J.

On their journey, the motorcycle attempted to overtake a Fuso Fighter (tipper) with registration number UBJ 619J.

Unfortunately, a collision transpired with another motorcycle coming from the opposite direction, leading to Maria’s immediate demise as she fell off the motorcycle.

ASP Wasswa Joshua, a 34-year-old police officer from Rubabo Police station and a resident of Rubabo Police Barracks in Nyarushanje sub-county, reported the incident via telephone to the police station.

Elly Maate, the Kigezi Region Police spokesperson, conveyed that officers from Rubabo police station visited the crime scene.

The body of the deceased was subsequently transported to Kisiizi hospital for postmortem.

Maate further noted that both involved vehicles were impounded at Rubabo police station pending inspection by the Inspectorate of Vehicles (IOV).

The suspects, however, remain at large, and ongoing efforts are in place to apprehend them.

Retired Teacher Found Hanged, Battling Mental Illness in Kanungu

KANUNGU: Authorities in Kanungu District are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the tragic suicide of Justus Besigensi, a 40-year-old retired teacher from Nyakijojwa village in Nyakijojwa parish, Kanungu district.

The incident involved Besigensi hanging himself with a rope and was discovered by his wife, Agatha Tugumisirize, a nursing officer at Katete Health Center III, who promptly reported the matter to Katete police.

Tugumisirize shared that Besigensi had been struggling with mental illness, ultimately leading to his termination from a private school teaching position in 2022.

Elly Maate, the Kigezi Region Police spokesperson, confirmed that the scene was visited, documented, and a postmortem was conducted at Katete Health Center III.

Maate further conveyed that the deceased’s body has been handed over to relatives for a respectful burial.

Archbishop Kaziimba Stresses Equality, Calls for Robust Support for Boys in Society

MUKONO: The Most Rev Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu, Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Uganda, highlighted the significance of supporting the boy child during the 24th graduation ceremony (Part Two) at Uganda Christian University – Mukono.

While acknowledging the commendable goal of gender equality, Archbishop Kaziimba stressed the importance of ensuring that both boys and girls receive the necessary support and opportunities to thrive.

He emphasized that the well-being and success of the boy child are crucial for a balanced and prosperous society.

Archbishop Kaziimba stated, “It is crucial to remember the importance of supporting the boy child in our society. Gender equality is commendable, but we must ensure that both boys and girls receive the support they need to thrive. The well-being and success of our young men are integral to a balanced and prosperous society.”

He further noted, “Ignoring the boy child can have negative consequences. It’s important to provide equal attention and support to all children, regardless of gender, as each child has unique needs and potential.”

Addressing the potential dangers of neglecting the boy child, Archbishop Kaziimba emphasized the need for boys to learn cultural values, be equipped to confidently lead, and become responsible citizens and family leaders.

He highlighted the role of teaching boys respect for women to address gender-based violence (GBV) and societal issues.During the ceremony, a total of 986 students graduated, with 54% being female and 46% male.

Thirty-three students achieved First Class degrees, including Rev. Moses Agaba and Rev. Ambrose Kwesiga, both graduating with Masters Degrees in Theology.

Archbishop Emeritus Rt Rev. Henry Luke Orombi, the Guest of Honour, encouraged graduates to embrace servanthood, emphasizing that service is about putting others first.

He urged them to lead by example, live to serve, and avoid the pitfalls of living solely for personal gratification, linking such a mindset to the prevalence of corruption in society.

Kabale District Grapples with Over 1300 Teenage Pregnancies Annually

KABALE: The Kabale District Health Officer Dr. Gilbert Arinaitwe Mateeka has revealed Over 1300 cases of Teenage Pregnancies are being recorded in the District every year.

He made the report yesterday during a stakeholder’s dialogue organized by the Local Sustainable Communities Organization –LOSCO at White Horse Inn Kabale, to discuss Sexual Reproductive Health Issues in the District.

The report read out by Dr. Gilbert Mateeka indicated that Kabale District registered 1,346 teenage pregnancies in 2020, 1,479 cases in 2021 and 1,478 cases in 2022.

He said there’s also a large number of undocumented cases that are not included in the report because the victims never seek professional medical assistance.

The D.H.O explained that the teenage pregnancies are usually unwanted and unprepared for, resulting in both health and psychological effects on the lives of the victims.

The effects include complications during pregnancy and at the time of delivery, while some teens end up in abortion and risks that come along.

He further noted that the biggest percentage of the victims end up dropping out of School, bringing their education career and life dreams to an end.

The Kabale District Senior Health Educator, Dr. Alfred Besigensi and the Executive Director of Kigezi Women in Development (KWID), Florence Tumuheirwe, attributed the problem to insufficient sexuality education.

They argued that teenagers engage in sex at an early stage because they do not fully understand the consequences involved, and how to avoid them.

The Kabale Deputy Resident Commissioner, Ronald Bakak, noted that Uganda was still struggling with unethical law enforcement officers especially in the Police, who sometimes connive with parents to negotiate with suspects of defilement cases.

Mr. Bakaki said that in the end, some cases are never taken to courts of laws, adding that his office would harshly deal with such Police Officers to protect the girl child in Kabale.

The Director of Local Sustainable Communities Organization (LOSCO), Albert Taremwa said the dialogue organized in partnership with Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) was aimed at raising awareness to mitigate maternal mortality, improve and promote access to sexual reproductive health and rights in the Kabale district.

The latest Uganda Bureau of Statistics UBOS report states that the National Teenage Pregnancy rate is at 25%, further indicating that one out of four (1/4) Ugandan women has given birth by the age of 18.Dr Charles Olaro, the director for curative services at the Health ministry recently revealed that government is soon going to allow girls as young as 15 years to access contraceptive services, a policy he argues, will reduce early pregnancies.Dr. Olaro noted that priority will be given to “out-of-school” teenagers and young adults.

This Policy will be subject to Cabinet and Parliament’s approval, but the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa has already expressed discontentment with the idea.While Chairing plenary on Tuesday, Tayebwa asked Government not to approve the Policy that is reportedly still at ministerial level.

Tayebwa’s statements were in agreement with Amuru District Woman Mp Lucy Akello who argued that the policy would legitimize fornication in teenagers.

Fatal Pedestrian Collision Sparks Manhunt for Priest in Kisoro

KISORO: Police in Kisoro district are searching for Reverend Sam Nziita (58), a Mufumbira tribesman residing in Kibande village, Busamba ward, Southern division in Kisoro municipality.

He is wanted in connection with a fatal incident where he allegedly struck and killed a pedestrian.

The victim, identified as Mbabazi Stephen (55), also a Mufumbira resident of Nyaruhengyere village, Busamba ward, Southern division in Kisoro municipality, lost his life in the accident that occurred on Monday, 09.10.2023, around 9:20 PM.

According to reports, the incident involved a silver Toyota Prado with registration number UAW030C, traveling from Kisoro town towards Kabale.

The driver reportedly collided with road humps near Kyamps petrol station, lost control at high speed, and fatally struck the pedestrian walking along the road.

Elly Maate, the Kigezi Region Police spokesperson, mentioned that the scene was examined by Asp Kushaba Micheal DTO Kisoro, with assistance from PC Erima Abubackar.

The deceased’s body was transported to Kisoro hospital mortuary for postmortem, and the vehicle was towed to Kisoro Central Police Station awaiting inspection by IOV.

Maate attributed the accident to reckless driving and emphasized that inquiries are ongoing to apprehend the fleeing driver.

Bishop Akanjuna Stresses the Crucial Role of Christian Values in Students’ Academic Triumph

KABALE: The Rt. Rev. Gaddie Akanjuna, Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, yesterday emphasized the importance of integrating Christian values into the lives of learners for academic and personal success.

Speaking at the dedication service for P7, S4, and S6 students at Kamuganguzi Primary School and Janan Luwum Memorial School, held at St. John’s Kamuganguzi COU Archdeaconry in Kamuganguzi Sub County, Kabale District, Bishop Akanjuna urged students to embrace Christian virtues as a foundation for their future success.

He emphasized the need for strategic goal-setting, stating that commitment, motivation, and focus are essential for achieving success in life.

During the same service, Rev. Oscar Mwesigwa, the Kigezi Diocesan Education Coordinator, delivered a sermon advising learners to use their time wisely, focusing on activities that will contribute to success in upcoming exams.

Stressing the importance of hard work, meaningful relationships, perseverance, and courage, he urged students to rely on these qualities to excel academically.

Rev. Mwesigwa recommended seeking guidance from teachers and building closer relationships with them, cautioning against distractions that could divert them from their academic path.

UNRA Launches Reconstruction of Kabale-Kisoro Road

RUBANDA: The Uganda Roads Authority (UNRA) has officially initiated the construction of the Kabale–Kisoro road, which had collapsed at Hamurwa Town Council in Rubanda district.

The section of the road experienced a collapse at Bwaara village on May 4, leading to significant disruptions in traffic flow on both sides. This road serves as a crucial link connecting Uganda to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda.

In response to the road collapse, UNRA promptly rerouted traffic to alternative routes, including the 88KM Katuna-Rubaya-Muko route and the 20KM Kabale-Lake Bunyonyi-Kachwekano-Rubona-Heisesero roads. Despite UNRA’s initial statement on May 8, indicating a three-week timeline for making the damaged section motorable, the efforts proved unsuccessful, leading to prolonged inconveniences for road users.

Over the past five months, since the road was damaged by landslides in the area, it has become a hotspot for accidents, causing significant disruptions. Tragically, two individuals, including 72-year-old Mzee Twinamasiko Thomas Bukuru, lost their lives due to accidents along this troubled road.

According to Allan Sempebwa, the spokesperson for the Uganda Roads Authority, construction works are set to be completed within four months, with a projected cost of 3.7 billion shillings. He asked road users to follow warning signs and reduce speed to avoid causing accidents. The responsibility for the construction has been assigned to Creystone Investment Limited.

Certain road users, such as Michael Nuwagaba, Shallot Tukamushaba, and Joseph Byamukama, express optimism that the ongoing construction works will not only reduce the occurrence of accidents but also enhance overall transportation and accessibility. The completion of this project is eagerly anticipated by the local community and travelers alike, as it promises to restore a vital link between Uganda and its neighboring countries

Bishop Akanjuna Urges Newly Confirmed Confirmants to Dedicate Life to Christ for Eternal Salvation

KABALE: Yesterday 3rd October 2023, the Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Rt. Rev. Gaddie Akanjuna confirmed 28 confirmants into Anglican faith with a call on them to dedicate their lives to Christ for an eternal journey.

Bishop Akanjuna made the call during a confirmation service at Excel High School in the Northern Division of Kabale municipality,

Emphasizing the significance of committing one’s life to Christ, Bishop Akanjuna cautioned against the perils of living without God, labeling such a life as harmful and dangerous. He passionately called upon the newly confirmed individuals to dedicate their lives to Christ, seeking eternal salvation.

Bishop Akanjuna also encouraged the freshly confirmed Christians to assume responsibility for their faith and actively engage in spreading the gospel. He highlighted confirmation as a pivotal step in their journey of belief in Christ.

Reminding the confirmants of the Holy Spirit’s importance in their lives, Bishop Akanjuna stressed that this divine gift should not be taken lightly. He urged them to embrace transformation by allowing the Holy Spirit to reshape their daily lives.

Transitioning to another perspective during the service, Rev. Agaba Roberson, the youth worker in the office of the bishop, delivered a sermon drawn from Hebrews 10:4. He reminded the confirmants that they are now considered mature and encouraged them to lead lives worthy of celebration, akin to transformers.

While advocating for self-love, Rev. Agaba cautioned the students to be mindful of their actions and warned against indiscipline as a misguided form of civilization.

Rev. Agaba also prompted the students to reflect on their backgrounds and the reasons behind their pursuit of education. He underscored the importance of education in their lives and challenged them to cultivate positive character and conduct, both within and outside the school environment.

Kisoro District Council Rejects Proposal to Create Bukimbiri District

KISORO: The Kisoro district council has today rejected the proposal presented by the Nyanamo town council LC5 woman councilor, Juliet Kamusiime seeking approval for the formation of Bukimbiri district separate from Kisoro District.

Kamusiime’s motion to establish Bukimbiri District was seconded by Byamugisha Deus, the LCV councilor for Rubuguri town council during the council session at Kisoro district headquarters.

Kamusiime, during her presentation, argued that the residents of Bukimbiri County have consistently expressed a desire for their own administration. She cited issues of compromised service delivery in the area, attributing it to tribal segregation in job allocation and resource distribution within the district.

She highlighted Bukimbiri’s wealth of natural resources and tourism sites, emphasizing the potential for generating revenue to fuel the development of the proposed district. Kamusiime proposed that, if established, Bukimbiri’s district headquarters would be located in Rubuguri town council, and new sub-counties would be created.

Despite Kamusiime’s impassioned plea, the motion faced a setback as per the advice of the Chief Administrative Officer, Hajji Badru Mayanja. Mayanja recommended conducting consultations with the lower government units in Bukimbiri County before proceeding with the motion. He also reminded the councilors that the creation of new town councils had been prohibited by parliament.

In response to this guidance, the district Speaker, Amos Hakizmana, made the ruling that the motion should be forwarded to sub-counties and town councils in Bukimbiri sub-county for Local councilors to review and deliberate on the proposal before it can be presented again to the district council for approval.