Bishop Akanjuna Advocates Compassion: Urges Christians to Support HIV/AIDS Patients

KABALE –The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna, has urged Christians not to discriminate and stigmatize HIV/AIDS patients but rather take good care of them so that they can live longer and happy lives.

Bishop Akanjuna made the call today during a confirmation service at Emmanuel Mayengo COU Parish under Kamuganguzi Archdeaconry in Katuna Town Council of Kabale district.

Bishop Akanjuna reminded believers that the HIV threat still exists and is increasingly spreading among the young population. He however asked Christians to shun stigmatizing and discriminating among their relatives and friends who contract the disease, but rather love and support them.

The prelate also challenged those living HIV-positive lives to heed to the medical prescription of the ARV drugs if they are to live longer and healthy.The bishop’s message came as Uganda joined the rest of the world to commemorate World AIDS Day under the theme: “Let Communities Lead”

.Preaching during the service in which he also confirmed 43 Christians into the Anglican faith, Bishop Akanjuna asked believers to live holy lives and urged parents to set a good example for their children.

Bishop Akanjuna Urges Youth to Avoid Harmful Family Planning Methods

KABALE –The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna, has warned young adults, mostly girls, to desist from the habit of using family planning methods that could ruin their lives.

Bishop Akanjuna made the call today during the confirmation service held at Bukora COU Parish under Kikungiri Archdeaconry in Kitumba Sub-County of Kabale district, where 71 individuals were confirmed into the Anglican faith.

Bishop Akanjuna stressed the need for the youth to abstain from sex, rather than using emergency pills, noting that the contraception has promoted infertility among the teenagers. He implored the youth to have hope in Christ despite the challenges and frustrations they encounter in life, stating that faith and hope in Him keeps our focus on the future.

Bishop Akanjuna also appealed to Christians to embrace obedience to the voice of God in a bid to grow and be nurtured in the faith received from Christ.

Bishop Akanjuna Charges Christians to Embrace Forgiveness To Foster Unity

KABALE –The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna, has condemned the hatred infiltrating the Christian community and urged all Christians to set aside their differences, focusing on their shared faith.

Bishop Akanjuna made this call yesterday during the confirmation service that was held at St. Peter’s Muguri Church of Uganda parish, Rukore Archdeaconry in Rubaya Sub County, where 23 individuals were confirmed into the Anglican faith.

He expressed concern that Christians are allowing their differences to divide them, fostering animosity. Akanjuna reminded them that they are all part of the same family, emphasizing the importance of unity in faith. He further urged Christians to be guided by Jesus’s teachings, emphasizing his command to love one another.

Bishop Akanjuna stressed the need for Christians to be willing to forgive, show mercy, and compassion. He encouraged them to be kind and tolerant, focusing on commonalities rather than differences.

Meanwhile, Bishop Akanjuna also called upon the newly confirmed individuals to pray to God and seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance for their Christian life. He reminded them to consider the time of their confirmation as a turning point in their Christian journey.

Bishop Akanjuna Urges Christians To Desist From Land Grabbing

KABALE –The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna, called upon Christians to refrain from land grabbing and embrace unity.

Bishop Akanjuna made this call yesterday during the confirmation of 191 individuals in Anglican faith during the service held at St John’s Kitoma COU parish in Rukore Archdeaconry, Rubaya Subcounty in Kabale district.

Bishop Akanjuna reminded family heads and political leaders of their roles, urging them to always learn on how to safeguard their families. Citing a recent news incident where an elderly woman was evicted by individuals who considered themselves untouchable, he called on the masses to unite in the fight against such cases of land grabbing.

Bishop Akanjuna called upon political leaders and stakeholders with influence to actively combat these injustices stressing the importance of using power and authority to advocate for justice and propagate the gospel of unity.

Bishop Akanjuna called on Christians to reevaluate their actions, emphasizing the significance of repentance and turning back to God. He asserted that a collective return to moral values would pave the way for harmonious living in the country, bridging the divisions that have emerged among leaders at various levels.

The Retiring Namirembe Diocesan Bishop Urges Church to Nurture Faith Beyond Ceremonies, Embrace Social Mission

KAMPALA –The retiring Namirembe Diocesan Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira has challenged the church leadership to go beyond presiding over weddings and baptism functions and help believers grow in faith.

Bishop Luwalira made the call while presiding over the confirmation of 332 children at St Peters Church Kireka where he also bid farewell to parish members.He said the church is the mouth piece for society and should promote mission, both in words and action.Quoting the Book of Colossians 2: -6-7, Bishop Luwalira said Christians should continue to live lives strengthened in faith as they wait for the return of Jesus Christ.

Bishop Luwalira acknowledged that different institutions including the church, homes and places of work are grappling with different challenges, including domestic violence, which the church must solve.

He advised that the church should continue to pray, fellowship, witness and pray with children who were confirmed to guide them as they grow in Christ.

Rt. Rev Luwalira revealed that the Bible Society had initiated Bible weeks to encourage the faithful to read the word of God and also boost the membership of the society to enable it carry out its activities, including printing out more Bibles, especially those for the visually impaired.Bishop Luwalira, who will retire on December 8, urged the believers to give faithful support to him during his journey as a server of God to his successor Moses Banja.

The House of Bishops last week elected Ven Canon Banja as the new bishop of Namirembe Diocese. Banja will be consecrated on December 10.

Bishop Akanjuna Urges Cultivation of Mutual Understanding in Families for Church’s Spiritual Growth

KABALE: The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, the Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna, has appealed Christians across the Diocese to foster mutual understanding within their families to nurture the spiritual growth of the church.

Bishop Akanjuna conveyed this message today during the induction service of Ven. Benon Byaruhanga as the Archdeacon of St. John’s Kamuganguzi Church of Uganda Archdeaconry in Katuna Town Council, Kabale district. Bishop Akanjuna highlighted a prevailing lack of mutual understanding in many families, creating a rift among family members that poses a significant threat to the church’s future. He also noted the alarming trend of children growing up without moral values, a factor that could jeopardize the well-being of the next generation.

Preaching during the same service, Reverend Canon Milton Nkurunungi, the Diocesan secretary reminded leaders of their inherent limitations in their respective roles and urged them to seek guidance when faced with challenges.

Challenging those with a skewed perception of leadership, Rev. Canon Nkurunungi emphasized that leadership is a divine calling meant for service rather than personal enjoyment, citing 1 Corinthians 1:26. He further underscored the transient nature of leadership, emphasizing that those called to serve must always remember the sacred purpose of their calling.

In his address, Archdeacon Benon Byaruhanga expressed profound gratitude to the Christians of Kamuganguzi and implored them for their unwavering support. He pledged to work diligently towards the development of the church, emphasizing the collective responsibility of the community in fostering a spiritually enriching environment.

Bishop Akanjuna Stresses the Crucial Role of Christian Values in Students’ Academic Triumph

KABALE: The Rt. Rev. Gaddie Akanjuna, Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, yesterday emphasized the importance of integrating Christian values into the lives of learners for academic and personal success.

Speaking at the dedication service for P7, S4, and S6 students at Kamuganguzi Primary School and Janan Luwum Memorial School, held at St. John’s Kamuganguzi COU Archdeaconry in Kamuganguzi Sub County, Kabale District, Bishop Akanjuna urged students to embrace Christian virtues as a foundation for their future success.

He emphasized the need for strategic goal-setting, stating that commitment, motivation, and focus are essential for achieving success in life.

During the same service, Rev. Oscar Mwesigwa, the Kigezi Diocesan Education Coordinator, delivered a sermon advising learners to use their time wisely, focusing on activities that will contribute to success in upcoming exams.

Stressing the importance of hard work, meaningful relationships, perseverance, and courage, he urged students to rely on these qualities to excel academically.

Rev. Mwesigwa recommended seeking guidance from teachers and building closer relationships with them, cautioning against distractions that could divert them from their academic path.

Bishop Akanjuna Urges Newly Confirmed Confirmants to Dedicate Life to Christ for Eternal Salvation

KABALE: Yesterday 3rd October 2023, the Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Rt. Rev. Gaddie Akanjuna confirmed 28 confirmants into Anglican faith with a call on them to dedicate their lives to Christ for an eternal journey.

Bishop Akanjuna made the call during a confirmation service at Excel High School in the Northern Division of Kabale municipality,

Emphasizing the significance of committing one’s life to Christ, Bishop Akanjuna cautioned against the perils of living without God, labeling such a life as harmful and dangerous. He passionately called upon the newly confirmed individuals to dedicate their lives to Christ, seeking eternal salvation.

Bishop Akanjuna also encouraged the freshly confirmed Christians to assume responsibility for their faith and actively engage in spreading the gospel. He highlighted confirmation as a pivotal step in their journey of belief in Christ.

Reminding the confirmants of the Holy Spirit’s importance in their lives, Bishop Akanjuna stressed that this divine gift should not be taken lightly. He urged them to embrace transformation by allowing the Holy Spirit to reshape their daily lives.

Transitioning to another perspective during the service, Rev. Agaba Roberson, the youth worker in the office of the bishop, delivered a sermon drawn from Hebrews 10:4. He reminded the confirmants that they are now considered mature and encouraged them to lead lives worthy of celebration, akin to transformers.

While advocating for self-love, Rev. Agaba cautioned the students to be mindful of their actions and warned against indiscipline as a misguided form of civilization.

Rev. Agaba also prompted the students to reflect on their backgrounds and the reasons behind their pursuit of education. He underscored the importance of education in their lives and challenged them to cultivate positive character and conduct, both within and outside the school environment.

Bishop Akanjuna Confirms 103 into Anglican Faith

RUBANDA: The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, the Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna has today confirmed 103 Confirmants into the Anglican Faith during a service at Butare Church of Uganda Parish in Butare-Katojo Town Council in the scenic Rubanda district.

During his sermon, Bishop Akanjuna passionately exhorted Christians to forge an unwavering connection with God, emphasizing that irrespective of the challenges encountered on life’s journey, the unshakeable love of God remains a constant source of strength. He lauded the dedication of the Christian community to the teachings of the Word of God and implored them to steadfastly adhere to the principles and guidelines laid out by the Church for the attainment of prosperity.

Bishop Akanjuna characterized the confirmants’ initiation into a new phase of their spiritual journey as a daily expedition, marked by distinct norms that every Christian must embrace to draw closer to God.

Urging the newly confirmed to regularly engage with the Word of God, Bishop Akanjuna underscored the importance of daily prayer, emphasizing the values of love, service, and respect towards God, parents, and neighbors.

Switching his focus to the broader community, Bishop Akanjuna commissioned the inauguration of a new building for Butare Health Center 11. In a call to action, he appealed to Christians to rally behind and support this vital healthcare facility, stressing the significance of community involvement and backing local institutions.

The Bishop’s plea resonated with a profound understanding of the symbiotic relationship between faith and community welfare, highlighting the interconnectedness of spiritual and societal responsibilities.

Culminating his message, Bishop Akanjuna’s resonant voice echoed, emphasizing the pivotal role of Christians in shaping both their spiritual and communal landscapes, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those present.

Archbishop Kaziimba Urges Parents & Educators to Equip Children Against Social Media Peer Pressure

KABALE: The Most Rev Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu, the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, has issued a heartfelt plea to parents and educators, urging them to equip children with the skills to navigate peer pressure, particularly in the realm of social media.

The Archbishop’s message was conveyed through a speech delivered by the Bishop of North Kigezi Diocese, Rt. Rev. Onesimus Asiimwe, at the centenary celebrations for Kigezi High School and Kigezi Primary School in Kabale District.

The event, which drew distinguished guests, had a primary objective of raising Shs4 Billion for the construction of a versatile Centenary building. This facility is set to house essential amenities such as a computer laboratory, an innovation center, a hall of honor, and administrative offices. The celebratory function took place at the Kigezi High School Primary playground in the northern division of Kabale municipality yesterday.

Archbishop Kaziimba underscored the pivotal role parents and teachers play in educating children about handling peer pressure, with a specific focus on the challenges posed by social media. Expressing concern over the significant amount of time youths spend on social platforms, he decried the exposure to explicit content, condemning such activities.

Bishop Onesimus, an alumnus of Kigezi High School, encouraged attendees to cultivate an attitude of gratitude towards God for the blessings they receive. He emphasized the importance of acknowledging these blessings rather than merely offering prayers.

Bishop Onesimus stressed the need for individuals to turn to God through prayer and worship during challenging times, expressing confidence in God’s ability to help overcome obstacles. He extended appreciation to the teachers and administrators for upholding the academic standards of the school, urging them to persevere in their commitment.

The Vice President of Uganda, Her Excellency Rtd Maj Jessica Alupo, who represented President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as the chief guest, highlighted the imperative for institutions to focus on teaching vocational studies and science subjects.

Recognizing the scarcity of white-collar jobs in the country, she called upon educational institutions to incorporate practical skills into their curriculum. The aim is to produce graduates who are not only academically proficient but also well-prepared for the job market.