Uganda Prepares for Historic March to Protect Family Values and Reject Western Influence

KAMPALA,(UG)-Family Life Network, a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to the re-installation of the moral code and values in the family institution in Uganda has announced a one-million-man march around the country against homosexuality.

Addressing journalists in Kampala yesterday, Eng. Stephen Langa, the Executive Director for Family Life Network, said in the build up to the march set for February next year, they have started collecting one million signatures as another way of making a statement against homosexuality and its proponents.

According to Langa, the move is in support of defending the family and the next generation, free from harmful vices like homosexuality, and to this he said, all Ugandans will be urged to join the march to make a statement about their stand known against homosexuality. He noted that the march will have religious leaders, cultural leaders, politicians, academia, lawyers, civil society and participants from all sectors in the country in a bid to galvanize support for the cause.

Eng. Langa applauded President Yoweri Museveni and Speaker Anita Among for their firm stand against homosexuality, noting that it is high time the country refused being bulldozed by the western world into accepting sin.This after the Court of Appeal set December 11 to start hearing petitions challenging the legality of the Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2023 adopted in May.

Archbishop Kaziimba Stresses Equality, Calls for Robust Support for Boys in Society

MUKONO: The Most Rev Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu, Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Uganda, highlighted the significance of supporting the boy child during the 24th graduation ceremony (Part Two) at Uganda Christian University – Mukono.

While acknowledging the commendable goal of gender equality, Archbishop Kaziimba stressed the importance of ensuring that both boys and girls receive the necessary support and opportunities to thrive.

He emphasized that the well-being and success of the boy child are crucial for a balanced and prosperous society.

Archbishop Kaziimba stated, “It is crucial to remember the importance of supporting the boy child in our society. Gender equality is commendable, but we must ensure that both boys and girls receive the support they need to thrive. The well-being and success of our young men are integral to a balanced and prosperous society.”

He further noted, “Ignoring the boy child can have negative consequences. It’s important to provide equal attention and support to all children, regardless of gender, as each child has unique needs and potential.”

Addressing the potential dangers of neglecting the boy child, Archbishop Kaziimba emphasized the need for boys to learn cultural values, be equipped to confidently lead, and become responsible citizens and family leaders.

He highlighted the role of teaching boys respect for women to address gender-based violence (GBV) and societal issues.During the ceremony, a total of 986 students graduated, with 54% being female and 46% male.

Thirty-three students achieved First Class degrees, including Rev. Moses Agaba and Rev. Ambrose Kwesiga, both graduating with Masters Degrees in Theology.

Archbishop Emeritus Rt Rev. Henry Luke Orombi, the Guest of Honour, encouraged graduates to embrace servanthood, emphasizing that service is about putting others first.

He urged them to lead by example, live to serve, and avoid the pitfalls of living solely for personal gratification, linking such a mindset to the prevalence of corruption in society.

Kabale Authorities Recover Misappropriated PDM Funds

KABALE: The intelligence led operation by the Office of the Kabale Resident District Commissioner has recovered a significant portion of the misappropriated 7 Million Parish Development Model (PDM) funds in Kyanamira sub-county, Kabale District.

The recent arrest of Kyanamira Sub County Chief Development Officer (CDO) Gill Andinda on charges of corruption and violating PDM guidelines has shed light on the alleged irregular distribution of PDM funds. Andinda is accused of funneling PDM money to individuals such as civil servants, retired civil servants, and affluent individuals who fall outside the targeted demographic those below the poverty line, constituting 39% of Ugandans, and living under subsistence economies.

Andinda was apprehended alongside several accomplices, including Nyakagyera Parish Chief Sonia Ahimbisibwe, Nyakagyera PDM SACCO Chairperson Macklean Nyesimire, former Buhara District Councilor Johnson Baguma (now Buhara Parish SACCO Treasurer), Buhara Sub County CDO Scora Tumwegyese, Buhara Parish SACCO Secretary Innocent Twinomugisha, Buhara PDM SACCO Chairperson Scovia Kwarikunda, and Silver Besigye, a member of the Buhara PDM SACCO committee. They were later released on Police bond  and they face charges related to corruption and violation of PDM guidelines.

Godfrey Nyakahuma, the Kabale Resident District Commissioner, told our reporter that , last week on Friday his office received receipts from Kyanamira sub-county Chief Ivan Mugayehwenkyi, indicating the return of 5 Million shillings to the Nyakagyera Parish SACCO Account. Nyakahuma sternly warned those involved in the misuse of PDM funds, emphasizing that they will be apprehended and compelled to reimburse the funds.

Kabale district and Kabale municipality collectively received around 7 Billion shillings. Of this amount, over 1.7 Billion has been disbursed in Kabale municipality. However, delays and lack of seriousness in the operations of respective parish chiefs have impeded the distribution of funds to eligible beneficiaries in most sub-counties.