Bishop Akanjuna Urges Christians to Seize Opportunities for Community Development

RUKIGA –The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Rt. Rev. Gaddie Akanjuna, has asked Christians to work towards the development of the church and their respective communities.

He made these remarks on Sunday, July 7th, 2024, while officiating at the renaming ceremony of St. Peter’s Bwirambere Church of Uganda (COU) Parish in Kyogo Parish, Kamwezi Sub-County, Rukiga District.

Bishop Akanjuna emphasized the importance of using one’s talent and opportunities to foster communal growth and development. He noted that every gifting and provision should be used for the benefit and expansion of God’s kingdom.

The prelate reminded Christians of the inevitability of gratitude to God for His blessings upon them.

Preaching during the service, Kigezi Diocesan Secretary Rev. Can. Milton Nkurunungi urged Christians to lead lives worthy of their calling, according to the standards set by Christ, and not worldly patterns and pressures.

The latter, he said, would be detrimental to the destiny of their souls.

Bishop Akanjuna Urges Confirmants to Defend Church Rights

KABALE –The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Rt. Rev. Gaddie Akanjuna, has challenged Christians to use confirmation as a foundation to earnestly contend for the faith.

He made the call on Tuesday the 25th of June , 2024 as he confirmed 91 Christians into the Anglican faith in a service that doubled as the naming of St. Stephen’s Mwisi COU Parish in Kitumba Sub-County of Kabale district

Bishop Akanjuna emphasized that confirmation is not a final mark, but rather a pivotal point for transition from the past worldly to a Holy Spirit-filled life. He thus asked the newly confirmed Christians to use the same as a stepping stone to stand for and to uphold righteousness and the Church’s doctrine, interests and values.

The prelate challenged the faithful to emulate the dedication and faith of the first Christian martyr and one of the first seven deacons of the Apostolic Church – Stephen, emphasizing the inevitability and importance of building a strong bond with the Lord Jesus Christ, just as the revered disciple did.

He noted that Stephan’s unwavering faith and trust in God’s guidance are the qualities that modern-day Christians should strive to emulate.

Bishop Akanjuna also asked the congregants of the newly named church to trust God’s plan and purpose for their lives, as they reflect on their salvation journey.

KABALE -Diocese Of Kigezi Gears Up Preparations For The Annual Brethren conference Slated For Tomorrow 11th January 2024

KIGEZI –Preparations are in high gear for the 2024 Kigezi Diocesan Brethren Annual Conference.

According to the Kigezi Diocesan Secretary, Rev. Can. Milton Nkurunungi, the conference is to set rolling tomorrow afternoon at the Convention Site at Rugarama Hill in Northern Division of Kabale Municipality.

Rev. Can. Nkurunungi told our reporter today afternoon that preparations for the conference are in their final stage, noting that the organizers are ready to welcome Christians travelling from across the diocese and different parts of Uganda to attend the conference. He noted that registration of participants will kick-start at 8 am at Kigezi High School. He further revealed that congregants will receive a range of well-packaged sermons from different preachers, which will transform their lives spiritually and morally.


Rev. Benon Agaba, the head of planning and development in the Bishop’s office, who is also overseeing the preparation of the annual conference, said they expect over 7,000 devotees that will attend the four-day conference, with residence prepared for about 2,500 of these. He also stated that security has been tightened, noting that negative elements will be apprehended by security operatives.

The conference, running under the theme “Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God” derived from Romans 12:2 will end on Sunday, January 14, 2024. 

KABALE:Bishop Akanjuna Warns Against Rising Alcoholism and its Impact on Society”

KABALE –The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna has warned Christians against indulging themselves in alcoholism and immorality.

While delivering his Christmas and New year’s message yesterday in his office at Rugarama hill, Northern division Kabale municipality, bishop Akanjuna high lightened that alcoholism is on the rise in the community which has led to the rise of immorality, like family break ups and poverty, among others.

Bishop Akanjuna encouraged Christians to stop alcoholism noting that resultant addiction hinders development, and called them to engage themselves in income generating activities to bolster their family development. He also called upon family members to cooperate and work in unity, especially to handle land fragmentation, stressing that men have left women to do all the work.

Bishop Akanjuna urged parents to use this festive season as a way to talk to the family members as a way to bring the family together reminding them of the loss of a boy child in the involvement in the community activities urging them to support and help them study for the brighter future.


 Bishop Akanjuna also condemned terror attacks citing the recent attack by suspected ADF rebels in Kamwenge and advised Christians most especially those on border posts to be vigilant, steady fast and be alert and since during festive season people with negative motives tend to use it to harm innocent citizens.

Church Leaders Urged to Embrace Spiritual Service, Not Material Gain

KAMPALA ,(UG)-The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, His Grace Dr. Samuel Steven Kaziimba Mugalu, has condemned the pursuit of leadership positions in the church with the intention of acquiring material wealth.

He made the remarks today while delivering his Christmas message to Ugandans from his residence in Namirembe, in the capital Kampala.

Archbishop Kaziimba emphasized that Christians should avoid mirroring the mindset of the secular world, where they believe electing a leader from their community will magically solve their problems, and clarified that church leadership is not a path to earthly gain, as some mistakenly believe, but a call to spiritual service.

Dr. Kaziimba castigated greed that has taken over hearts of many Ugandans, noting that that the same has continued to fuel corruption and criminality in the country. Quoting Philippians 2:6-7, he asked leaders to follow in the footsteps of the Lord Jesus Christ, “who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men.”

The Archbishop also urged both church leaders and believers to place their trust in God, and not in human beings, for solutions to their difficulties, as they commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ and are ushered into the new year.

Bishop Akanjuna Urges Christians to Embrace Love and Unity

KABALE –The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna, has urged Christians to love and care for their fellow believers and in unity, serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bishop Akanjuna made the call yesterday while preaching in a baptism and confirmation service at St. Matthew Bugarama Church of Uganda under Kizinga Archdeaconry in Kaharo Sub County of Kabale district.

Bishop Akanjuna noted that many Christians nowadays do not care about their fellow man, but instead fight and backbite each other, actions that are against the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. He asked the flock to accept the working of God’s grace through Jesus Christ in their lives and marriages, if they are to live purposefully on earth. The prelate also called for unity among Christians, advising them to shun evil acts that may lead them to endless suffering.

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Bishop Akanjuna also challenged male parents, to fulfil their duties in the proper upbringing of their sons, noting that when the boy child is not properly raised, the community is at stake.

In the same service, 84 Christians were confirmed into the Anglican faith.

Rt. Rev. Moses Banja Consecrated as the 6th Bishop of Namirembe Diocese

KAMPALA,(UG)-Rt. Rev. Moses Banja was yesterday duly consecrated and enthroned the sixth bishop of Namirembe Diocese, the oldest in the province of the Church of Uganda.

The occasion, presided over by the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, His Grace Dr Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu, at St Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe in Kampala, marked the transition from Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira, who served the diocese for over 14 years since his consecration as the 5th Bishop in May 2009.

Banja was elected Bishop of Namirembe Diocese by the House of Bishops sitting at St Stephen’s Cathedral Naluwerere in Bugiri Municipality (in the newly carved out East Busoga Diocese) on November 20, 2023. The new prelate was born on October 20, 1964 in Nakabugo-Bbira, Busiro of Wakiso district, accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior on December 3, 1989, and was ordained in 1996 and priested in 1998. Before his election to the episcopal role, he served as the Archdeacon of Luzira Archdeaconry.

The day’s preacher, Bishop Nathan Ahimbisibwe of South Ankole Diocese, urged Bishop Banja not to become a burden to his flock, and to share the burden of ministry with clergy and lay members, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts for the greater good of the church.

Bishop Luwalira also encouraged his successor to preach, convince, and convert new souls.

Rt. Rev. Banja, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Divinity from Makerere University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the same institution, is married to Rev Can Prof. Olivia Nassaka Banja, the current Ndejje University Vice Chancellor, and together, they are blessed with three children.

Archbishop Kaziimba Urges Ugandans to Foster Peace And Love In The Forthcoming Christmas Festivities

KAMPALA, (UG)-The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, His Grace Dr Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu, has called upon Ugandans to foster peace in their families and communities during the forthcoming Christmas festival.

Speaking as the main celebrant at a Christmas Carols service at the Vision Group head offices in Kampala yesterday, the Archbishop called upon Christians to have peace with God, themselves and with others during this festive season because the saviour who was born on Christmas is a prince of peace.

At a time when Christians are awaiting the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, Archbishop Kaziimba reminded Ugandans that Christmas is a day for salvation; not for pleasure, so they should celebrate responsibly and love one another.He also urged Ugandans to always live within their means and accept their condition and situations.

Bishop Gaddie Akanjuna Rebukes Gossip and Advocates For Love Among Brethren

KABALE-The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Rt. Rev. Gaddie Akanjuna, has cautioned believers against hatred and asked them to rather preach and embrace love in their communities.

Bishop Akanjuna’s message of love was contained in his sermon today during a confirmation service at Emmanuel Kasheregyenyi Church of Uganda under Muyebe Archdeaconry in Kamuganguzi Sub County of Kabale district.

Bishop Akanjuna rebuked Christians who have resorted to becoming busybodies and gossipers, noting that these have fueled hatred, vengeance and a resultant divided community. He urged them to rather utilize the forthcoming Christmas festive season, that commemorates the birth of our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ, to reconcile and embrace unity for community development.

In a service where 69 Christians were confirmed into the Anglican faith, the prelate also tasked married couples on communication, adding that lack of the same has led to disunity of the family institution and resultant moral decay among children.

Sheema District Church Faces Reckoning as Nature Takes Its Toll

SHEEMA ,(UG)-Heavy rains have left Christians stranded after their church in Sheema District was destroyed.

The incident happened on Saturday in Nyakabirizi village, Kakindo Town Council of Sheema district. The heavy rains which were characterised by strong winds and hail, lasted for about four hours, in which the roof and the walls of the church collapsed.

Juliet Mwebaze, the Nyakabirizi Church of Uganda head of laity, told our reporter yesterday that the incident could have been caused by the current heavy rains that have been pounding the area. Rev. Nice Nahwera, the Nyakabirizi Church of Uganda parish priest, appealed to Rt. Rev. Johnson Twinomujuni and the entire West Ankole Diocese leadership for a helping hand, saying that they had used all the money to construct the destroyed church.